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Have you been injured in a car accident? Have you suffered loss as a result of an accident? Wondering if you’re eligible for motor vehicle accident compensation? WA Legal and the team of experienced motor vehicle accident lawyers in Perth may be able to help.

With an experienced team of motor vehicle lawyers at your disposal, WA Legal is the team you can trust with your motor vehicle accident compensation claim.

Not only do we possess the expertise to represent your interests to the fullest degree, we also offer the benefits of our Peace of Mind plan.

WA Legal’s Peace of Mind Plan:

We will negotiate your legal fees with the insurer. The insurer will then make a contribution to your legal costs, leaving you to pay only the gap between what the insurer pays and what we have worked. If there is no settlement you do not have to pay legal fees at all. We’re available for home visits and offer free over the phone legal advice.

Here at WA Legal, we offer our motor vehicle accident compensation clients the Peace of Mind Plan. We determine your legal fees with the insurer. Once the insurer has made an input to your legal costs, you only pay the gap between what the insurer has paid and our fees. We understand the stressful nature of motor accident compensation cases and that when you’re injured in a car accident, it’s essential you know about your rights. Depending on the case you may have to pay costs of medico-legal reports. If you instruct a new solicitor your legal costs will become payable at the conclusion of your claim.

In order to make a full recovery from your injuries, you’ll need peace of mind and affordable assistance, that’s why here at WA Legal, we strive to eliminate stress from the situation where we can.

If your motor accident compensation claim does not result in a pay out your legal costs will be waived (no win = no pay).

Our policy is to settle your claim out of court without the necessity of litigation. In a great majority of cases settlement is achieved out of court by way of informal negotiations.

Sometimes with motor vehicle accident compensation claims, it is simply impossible to avoid legal proceedings. With WA Legal, you will be represented by an experienced lawyer (senior practitioner) who will explain your legal position and all your options to you in a simple, easy to understand language.

Remember, you can always call us for a free of charge over the phone legal advice.

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